Better, Bolder Tequila Cocktails
with ElVelo Tequila

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ElVelo Tequila celebrates the distinctive character of the Tequila Valley – 100% Puro de Agave, sourced entirely from its Volcanic-Rich soils.

Conceived in collaboration with second-generation Master Distiller Carlos Hernandez Ramos of La Cofradia and thought-leading craft cocktail bartenders, with the goal of producing a Tequila that makes the very best cocktails – from the Margarita, to the Paloma, to the Rosita, and beyond.

ElVelo is traditionally produced (no diffusers, autoclaves, additives, etc…), and at a higher proof point – 44.5% ABV (89 Proof); determined after multiple blind tastings to yield the best flavor and character both neat and in cocktail, unadulterated, BIG and BOLD Valley profile Tequila. Making Better and Bolder Tequila Cocktails.

So what makes for “Better, Bolder Tequila Cocktails”?

  1. The Tequila
  2. The Citrus
  3. The Recipe(s)

The Tequila

  • Traditionally Made: This means that the Tequila you are using is made utilizing traditional practices – utilizing only ripe or mature agaves to ensure depth of flavor, embracing slow cooking methods like steam powered clay or brick ovens, open-air wild fermented, and distilled in pot stills.
  • Higher Proof: A higher proof point is not a bad thing! In fact, more proof often translates to more flavor – especially when used in cocktail. However no two Tequilas are alike, and ElVelo was proofed and blind tasted both neat and in cocktail to determine the all around best proof for showcasing BIG and BOLD agave flavor – 44.5% or 89 Proof. We want Tequila cocktails that taste like Tequila!
  • No Additives: There are many ways to make a spirit taste “smooth” or even more flavorful – some of which are perfectly allowable; however we believe in a strict value centered policy – we want our Tequila to be made without additives, and without shortcuts – in respect to how it was originally.

The Citrus

  • Fresh is Best: No offense to our fans of Margarita Mix and pre-packaged mixers – we get it, convenience is a major factor! However if you’re wanting to make Better, Bolder Tequila Cocktails – there is no substitute for fresh squeezed citrus. When you juice fresh limes, you not only squeeze the juice, but you also release essential oils held within the skin of the lime. This adds significant character and flavor to a cocktail – and we believe a little elbow grease is well worth the squeeze here.

The Recipe(s)

In our opinion, the two essential Tequila Cocktail Recipes are for a great Margarita, and a Paloma. We have developed and vetted these two recipes alongside craft cocktail bartenders from across the country. Each with a subtle spin to make them a bit out of the ordinary. Both are garnished with Hawaiian Black Lava Salt – further telling the story of ElVelo’s unique birthplace: the Valley of Tequila, just below the iconic Tequila Volcano.

“The Margarita Volcánica.”

ElVelo Tequila Spicy MargaritaA bit of spice, a bit of salt, and plenty of bold Valley Tequila Terroir.⁠

This spicy margarita is enhanced by the addition of black lava salt from Hawaii – reinforcing and complimenting the volcanic terroir of the Tequila Valley, and the Bold Character of ElVelo.⁠ (For a non-spicy version, feel free to omit the Jalapeño; everything else remains the same) ⁠

2 ozs ElVelo Blanco Tequila⁠
1 oz Fresh Lime Juice⁠
3/4 oz 1:1 Honey Syrup*⁠
2 slices deseeded & deveined fresh Jalapeño⁠ ⁠

*Honey Syrup – combine equal parts honey and water in a pot on low heat, stirring until honey dissolves.⁠ ⁠

Rim a rocks glass with lava salt, fill with crushed ice and set aside.⁠ ⁠ Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake hard. Double strain into rocks glass, and top up with additional ice if needed. Garnish with a fresh lime wheel or jalapeño and enjoy!⁠ ⁠

For an added spice kick – add a few drops of Bittermen’s Hellfire (Habañero) Shrub over top.

“The Barbed Paloma”

ElVelo Tequila Bitter PalomaTaking an iconic classic, and giving it a little twist of rhubarb.

This Paloma takes a page from bartender culture – adding a splash of Amaro; commonly seen as a “bartender handshake” or a small shot when visiting a friend or colleague’s bar. This adds a layer of depth to the bright and refreshing Paloma, with a flavorful base of ElVelo Blanco Tequila.

1-1/2 ozs ElVelo Blanco Tequila
1-1/2 ozs Fresh Grapefruit Juice
1/2 oz Fresh Lime Juice
1/2 oz Simple Syrup
1/4 oz Amaro Sfumato (or Aperol for a lighter style)
Sparkling Water

Rim a collins / highball glass with Hawaiian Black Lava Salt, add ice and set aside. Combine all ingredients except Sparkling Water in a shaker with ice and shake. Strain over ice in your rimmed glass. Top up with ~2ozs of Sparkling Water, garnish with a lime wheel and enjoy!

For an even simpler / faster version…

Build in a Lava Salt Rimmed Collins glass with ice:
2ozs ElVelo Blanco Tequila
Splash of Amaro Sfumato or Aperol
Squeeze of Fresh Lime (2 wedges)
Top with Squirt (~3 ozs)


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100% Puro de Agave, sourced entirely from the Tequila Valley, Unaged and bottled at 44.5% ABV

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100% Puro de Agave, sourced entirely from the Tequila Valley, Matured for 5 months in Ex-Jack Daniels barrels, and bottled at 44.5% ABV

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