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Brandon A. Cummins

Director of Education

Brandon Cummins brings a unique blend of industry knowledge and storytelling to his role as Director of Education at Altamar Brands. His passion for the beverage world started young, growing up surrounded by the ins and outs of the restaurant and bar business in his family’s restaurant.

Fueled by this passion, Brandon earned a BS in Mass Communications with a focus on Digital Media Production, and went on to obtain a Certificate of Distillation from the UK’s Institute of Brewing & Distilling. This unique combination allows him to bridge the gap between theory and practice, creating impactful educational programs for both industry professionals and home enthusiasts.

A champion of the classic craft cocktail movement, Brandon has a proven track record of success. He managed an award-winning local wine bar while in college, laying the foundation for a career that includes helping open numerous nationally recognized and acclaimed cocktail bars. His expertise extends to consulting for establishments of all sizes, from local gems to global brands.

Beyond consulting, Brandon is passionate about sharing his knowledge. He has developed and implemented educational platforms, and collaborated with industry leaders like the Beverage Alcohol Resource partners and Lush Life Productions. He’s also actively involved in the community, co-founding the Paris of the Plains Cocktail Festival and supporting the Tequila Interchange Project, a non-profit promoting sustainability in tequila and mezcal production.

Brandon resides in Kansas City with his wife and children.

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