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Carlos Hernandez Ramos

Master Distiller & Co-Founder of ELVELO Tequila

Carlos Hernandez Ramos was born September 06, 1961, in one of the most beautiful and growing cities, Guadalajara, Jalisco. In 1979, he enrolled into the university, I.T.E.S.M in Monterrey, Mexico. Five years later in 1984, he received his degree in Electronic and Communications Engineering.

In the course of working for Delco electronics subsidiary of general motors, during 1984-1988, Carlos Hernandez Ramos became the general supervisor for the companies test kit. In the following years of 1984-1992, he founded a software company, with the name of SIPSA software LTD, in which programs were developed for the use of points of sales and notaries.

Since 1992 until present day Carlos Hernandez Ramos is known as the CEO of the tequila factory, ‘’La Cofradia’’, which means ‘Brotherhood’’. His collaboration into the world of tequila has provided him with numerous opportunities such as being a member of the regulatory board of tequila a.c. as well as participating with the national chamber of tequila on several occasions.

In 2008 Mr Carlos created a new concept, and he decide to impulse a something really different “Cofradia 360” here any person can visit the distillery and have a tour, where they get to know the full process, taste the product and visit our restaurant of “Taberna”

2017, he decided to create a new hotel and totally different “Sleep in a barrel” concept – allowing you to get a new experience of what of the tequila industry.

His background and educational training in Engineering ensures he approaches the Tequila production process from a thoughtful and highly detailed perspective.

Carlos’s understanding of the nuances of the production system enabled the creation of a Tequila in ELVELO that is extremely bold in character, while maintaining significant cost efficiencies in production, all adhering to a traditional production process.

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Corona del Mar, CA 92625

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