Lagrimas del Valle Tequila

Lagrimas del Valle is a Vintage, “Rancho Unico” (Single Ranch) Tequila — celebrating the unique and distinctive characteristics of the very best single ranches of Agave.

The centuries old concept perpetuated by French winemakers that every piece of ground is unique and that, based upon its soil, flora, fauna, altitude and aspect, it will produce a wine that is unique toall other wines produced on other pieces of ground.

Lagrimas del valle:

Demonstrates that terroir exists in Agave and Tequila. 
Most relevant points as follows:
• Lagrimas will be presented in Vintages (2022 is the first).
• Each Vintage will be harvested from a single field (“Rancho Unico”, Palo Verde is the first)
• The terroir of each Rancho will present a tequila that differs in flavor and aroma from all other harvests.

We do this intentionally, to demonstrate the rich complexity of the Blue Weber Agave.

Lagrimas is produced in collaboration with the Rosales family, of Tequila Cascahuin, lead by current Master Distiller, Salvador “Chava” Rosales Trejo – the fourth generation of his family, their distilling tradition dating back to 1904 in El Arenal, Jalisco; within the heart of the “Valley” of Tequila. Lagrimas del Valle translates to “Tears of the Valley” – representing the tears that form both on a tasting glass from high quality Agave spirits, as well as the “tears” or condensed spirits falling into the still, the transformation of Agave into Tequila itself.

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2022 Palo Verde Plata
Rancho Location: Amatitan, Jalisco
Elevation: 1,260m

Average Agave Brix: 35%

2022 Palo Verde Reposado
Rancho Location: Amatitan, Jalisco
Elevation: 1,260m

Average Agave Brix: 35%
Maturation: 3 months in 3rd & 4th Fill Ex-Bourbon Casks

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