High N’ Wicked Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Our Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is made from a mash bill of 51% Corn, 39% Rye, and 10% Malted Barley – fermented in a Sweet Mash.

Sour mash is ubiquitous, sweet mash is not. Sour mash whiskeys are made utilizing backset – a by-product from previous distillations that reduces the overall pH level – thus “souring” the mash. This creates an acidic environment that helps to limit bacterial growth, and creates a degree of consistency between batches. So why would you want to do anything different? Flavor.

We have grown familiar with sour mash, whereas sweet mash whiskeys have subtle sweet and buttery notes uncommon in many other whiskeys. They also allow for different and unique mash bills – further expanding the character of what we know as Kentucky Bourbon.

Sweet mash requires great attention to detail, especially in cleanliness and sanitization, and from the distiller themselves – to not only maintain purity, but to create consistent flavor profiles. During the pre-prohibition era, sweet mash whiskeys often sold for a premium due to a greater understanding of these production difficulties and an appreciation for the complex spirits they produced. Further, we found that 39% rye, in a Sweet Mash process, presents a balanced flavor of both spice and sweet notes, while developing significant fruit character. Bourbons with a mash of between 20-35% Rye, are often referred to as “High-Rye” Bourbons – so our KY Straight Bourbon is labeled as a “High-Rye” in this respect.

Each grain of the mash is introduced in succession to minimize waste of both energy and water – first the Corn, followed by the Rye, and finally the Malted Barley. This mash is then distilled through a 36” diameter Vendome copper column still and doubler, aged for a minimum of 5 years, in seasoned, medium toast new #4 Char American White Oak Barrels, coming from the Independent Stave Company in Missouri. Distilled, aged, blended and bottled entirely in Kentucky.

The final product is proofed to 52% ABV (104 proof) – determined through rigorous blind tastings – for presenting the most character and flavor of this unique spirit . Bottled without chill filtration, and with no additives to retain maximum flavor, aroma, color and texture. A cask strength version is also available in limited quantities throughout the year.


Aroma: Leather, pipe tobacco, and rich oak notes present immediately, with baked fruit notes – blackberries, dutch berry pie, caramelized orange peel and spices – a lingering cinnamon and pepper note. Rich dark cocoa and cherries develop as the glass opens, with complex vanilla, caramel and butterscotch in the background.

Palate: Rich and full flavored, nicely structured tannins, with a creamy and lightly spiced mouthfeel. Caramelized berries and baked fruit pie notes, give way to baking spice and orange notes – sweet hints on the palate, but an overall dry and bold character.

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